Image from Calontir Armorial.
Image from Calontir Armorial.

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Lord Amon Attwood

Pronunciation Hints: Like "Damon" (as in Matt Damon) without the 'd', or "aimin' a gun." It is not pronounced like the Egyptian god.


History in the SCA:

  • Timeline:
    • 2014 - Started playing in the SCA

  • Offices Held:
    • Exchequer of Axed Root: 2014 - 2017
    • Seneschal of Axed Root: 2017 - present

  • Kingdom Honors & Awards:

  • Baronial Honors & Awards (Coeur d'Ennui):
    • 2015: Bon Coeur (Service)
    • 2017: Lumier du Sanglier (Teaching)

Other Information

  • Registered Heraldry:
    • Primary Device: Argent, a boar statant and in base a flame issuant from base proper, a bordure vert.
    • Badge: (Fieldless) In bend sinister a rabbit attired courant argent sustaining a tankard vert.
    • Badge: (Fieldless) A lightning bolt bendwise Or surmounted by a plate.

  • Alternate Name:
    • Emmett Brown

  • Interests & Skills:
    • Glasswork - especially lampwork beads
    • Armoring
    • Cooking
    • Illumination
    • Brewing
    • Turnshoes
    • Embroidery

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Persona: Zaneta normally portrays a 15th - 16th century Venetian woman. She also plays around with being a 10th century Norwegian woman.