Awards of Calontir - (what the awards mean)
Awards of Calontir and Sumptuary Laws - (by Alexandra (Shandra) Vazquez de Granada)

On-line Order of Precedence - (who has what awards)

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Non-Order of Precedence:

AoA Level:

Court Baronages
GoA Level:
Bestowed Peers:
Royal Peers:

Baronial Awards:

Coeur d'Ennui
Forgotten Sea
Lonely Tower
Mag Mor
Three Rivers
Bon Coeur
Grand Mal Bon Coeur
Coeur d'Sanglier
Lumier du Sanglier
Boar's Song
Boar's Tooth
Boar's Bow
Sanglier du Guerre
Sanglier Errant
Mace of Honor
Crashing Boar
Sanglier Absentia
Boar's Heart
Baronial Colors
Baronial Mark of Merit
Order of the Pilgrim's Badge
Order of the Escallop
Order of the Silver Griffin
Baronial Spirit of Gallantry
Order of the Trident Tree
Order of Prester John
Order of the Forester
The Cord
The Rose Window
The Column
The Defenders of the Gate
The Goose Migrant
The Keystone
Golden Apple
Golden Feather
Adharc Or
Ancient Aurochs
Crodth Catha
Order of the Cridhe Mor
Order of the Gwyneth Clorsach
Order of the Fianna of Mag Mor
Espiritu of Mag Mor
Aye Tor
Baronial Garter
Baronial Commendation (Rose / Perl / Button)
Baroness' Order of Patronage
Baron's Order of Gallantry
Order of the Hippogryph
The Talon
The Fledgling
Order of Three Rivers - Silver
Order of Three Rivers - Gold
Order of the Vojak
Order of the Vesslar
Order of the Savle
Order of the Zevack
Star of Vatavia
Radiant Lioness
Golden Heart
Zeman Straz
Cepel Straz
Treasure of the Barony

Order of the Archaic Fewmet

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