Baroness Ayisha bint Asad

formerly Aisha bint Assad


History in the SCA:

  • Timeline:
    • Started attending BFS fighter practices in Summer 2012
    • Significant events since then (competitions, championships, tourneys, first event, etc.)
      • 1st event, Feast of Eagles 2013
      • BFS Baronial Colors from Baron Duncan Bruce of Logan & Baroness Ylva Jonsdottir at The Last Ceilidh, 2015-04-18
      • Order of the Escallop from Baron Soren atte Raven & Baroness Rowan del Wiche, 2016-09-21
      • Belted as protege to Master Mathurin Kerbusso, Kris Kinder, 2016-12-10
      • Order of the Silver Griffin from Baron Soren atte Raven & Baroness Rowan del Wiche at Horse and Falcon, 2017-05-29
      • Spirit of Gallantry from Baron Soren atte Raven & Baroness Rowan del Wiche at Playing with Fire, 2017-09-30
    • See Calontir OP for Kingdom-level awards - http://op.calontir.org/persona.php?p=4420

  • Groups and Affiliations:

  • Offices:
    • Local Offices:
      • BFS Webminister, July 2016-July 2018
    • Regional Offices:
    • Kingdom Offices:
      • Royal Scribe for Damien & Issabell II
    • SCA-wide Offices:
    • Other service:

Other Information

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