For now, this wikispace is public. Anyone can edit pages although only "members" can create new pages or upload files. Public access will change if the privilege is abused.

Please do not undo the work of others (although feel free to correct spelling mistakes and obvious formatting problems). Make comments or discussion posts if you think more drastic changes are needed.

Please do not put copyrighted material on this wikispace unless you have the rights to it. If you see something here that you believe is in violation of copyright, please inform the "owner", sofya at heraldshill dot org

As an unofficial page, we will not be needing releases (Model, Photo, Content) - hopefully. But be honorable and get permission before you add someone else's creative works.

Adding a Page:

  • The easiest way is to have a "member" create a "stub" page for you that anyone can then edit.

To do it all yourself:
  • Join the wikispace (will need a little time to get approved), and sign in.
  • Click the + sign next to "Pages and Files" on the upper left hand side menu.
  • Name your page (use your primary name, properly spelled and capitalized - no titles)
  • Select the "people" template, and
  • Fill in the information about yourself.

To add an image:
  • Either upload it to the wiki then place it on the page (members only) OR just copy the link to an "External Image" on another webpage (anyone can do this).
  • ImageButton.PNG
    Click the "Insert Images and Files" button on the edit bar (the little picture between the links and the widget/TV button, see right) and follow the directions there.
  • Images will tend to look best if you align them to the right.
  • After you've saved your edits, "tag" yourself appropriately. See below.

A note about Tags:

  • "Tags" are how the wiki will be able to list people with like-minded individuals on the same page
  • If you add the tag "people" to your page, then that page will automatically be listed on the People page with everyone else.
  • If you add the tag "silent heraldry" to your page, then you will be listed with everyone else who is tagged (once the "Silent Heraldry" activities page has been created with the appropriate widget)
  • You don't need to be in full "Edit" mode (or even be signed in) to change tags.
    • In top right corner, click on the "..." button for more options
    • Select "Tags", then select "edit"
    • Type the first 3-4 letters of the tag name
    • Wait a moment for the wiki to bring up the tags that have already used those letters
    • Select the appropriate one
    • If you don't see the one you want, try a different tag - "Clothing" instead of "Costuming"
    • Capitalization doesn't seem to matter
    • Tags should probably be more generic rather than more specific - so tag "music" rather than "vocal music", "weaving" rather than "cardweaving", etc.
    • A&S tags are based on the official categories in the Kingdom Judging Criteria, slightly simplified, eg. Dance instead of "Dance Performance, European"
    • Award/Order tags are based the official name of the Order, eg. "Silver Hammer"
    • Group tags are just the name of the group, eg. "Vatavia" NOT "Barony of Vatavia".


Reporting Issues

A page has been created to log any issues you may find within this Wiki page. Please use the Issues Log to document any problems you find. Make sure to check here for updates on fixes and/or work-arounds.

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