BelAnna de Ruge

HRM BelAnna, image courtesy of the Falcon Banner
HRM BelAnna, image courtesy of the Falcon Banner

HE BelAnna de Rugé

Pronunciation guide, formerly Bele Anna de Rugé, Belanna de Rouge, B'Elanna de Rouge


History in the SCA:

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  • Groups and Affiliations:
    • Current Group: Three Rivers
    • Previous Groups: the East
    • Guilds, Households, etc:

  • Offices:
    • Local Offices:
    • Regional Offices:
    • Kingdom Offices:
    • SCA-wide Offices:
    • Other service:

Other Information

Websites, photo-sharing, etc.



Dislikes: Squid, oysters, beans, rice, dry meat
Likes: Chocolate, humus, dill pickles, cheese, crackers, bacon, ice tea, skittles, nuts, honey butter


Dislikes: Secungin, beer, vodka
Likes: Ice tea, lemon flavored rum

Colors & Symbols

Colors: Green, gold, purple
Symbols: Fleur di lys, happy white whales

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