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In the summer of 2004, between Raid or Trade and St Augustine's fair, we were constructing the Broken Harp. Almost ten years on we are getting ready to start the anniversary year for the Broken Harp, which includes an event held again with the group that first allowed us to do our silly bar at an event, Heralds Hill.
We have been holding back on starting the promotion for this event for one last piece of the puzzle to fall in to place. Because when we were building the Harp, one band's cds were on a continuous loop, songs of beer, cider, whiskey and a little of the SCA snuck in from time to time. So . . . .

The 10th anniversary event, August 2014, Harpies and Hillians, featuring our very special guest stars, Wylde Nept.


Started in 2004, first event was St. Augustine's Fair in Hampton, IA.
Received the Falcon's Heart at Lilies 2014.

Broken harp trivia #9: In which song is the Broken Harp is referred to by name in the live version (although on the album is simply referred to as a "roadside pub")?

Broken Harp Trivia: who got the first mug poured from the Harp's barrel taps?

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