Da'ud ibn Ibrahim al-Sisari

Da'ud ibn Ibrahim al'Sanandaji
Dawi (pronounced DAH-vee, with a soft "v" )


Turn-of-the-millenium Buyyid Persian who has traveled among the Rus'

History in the SCA

  • Offices:
    • Hippogryff Pursuivant of Three Rivers
      Winter Court 2014 through Winter Court 2016

    • Battleur Herald of Calontir
      Spring Crown 2015 through current

    • White Hawk Herald of Calontir
      Reign of Ashir II and Ashland

Other Information

Big voice, Fyrdman, bearded, squired to Eardstapa, can sing fairly well, makes maps, okay with a paintbrush.

Battle cry and multiple-purpose exclamation: "By Dawi's beard!"

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