HE Duncan Bruce of Logan

Just Logan, usually.


History in the SCA:

  • Timeline:
    • I started in the SCA in 1987, at William & Mamarra's second coronation.
    • Significant events since then:
      • Won Crown Tourney 26 March 2016 inspired by Ylva Jonsdottir.
        Image courtesy the Falcon Banner
        Image courtesy the Falcon Banner
    • Link to Calontir OP (awards)
  • Groups and Affiliations:
    • Current Group: Barony of Forgotten Sea
    • Previous Groups: Nope
    • Guilds, Households, etc: Nope.
    • Squired to Roderick of Mandrake Hill
    • Squires: Dirik von Rossvaldt, Bess Darnley, Laima, Talbot of Galtris

Royal Whims

  • Food
    • Dislikes: Mushrooms; Spinach, Kale, Peanuts and other kidney stone inducing foods; Tofu, unless it's fresh and fried.
    • Likes: Pretty much everything else. Full size raw carrots (they have so much more flavor), snap peas, etc.
  • Drinks
    • Dislikes: Let's just put beer here, because he is picky. Anything super sweet (pop, etc.) Energy drinks (can't even stand the smell)
    • Likes: Water is always good. Coffee first thing, but no caffiene after 3:00 PM. Pinot Noir or Cabernet
  • Colors & Symbols
    • Colors: Earth tones (real ones, not Byzantine ones)
    • Symbols: Two headed snake, mallet

Rat out a Friend

His Excellency makes some of the most gorgeous silk banners! -KK

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