Mistress Eleanor Deyeson

Eleanor as commonly pronounced, Deyeson is "Day-son."my device.jpg


  • Born in 1319 in Bridport, Dorset, on the southern coast of England. My device reflects both my seaside heritage, and also christian imagery (very common in our historical period).
  • Motto - "I never met an artefact I didn't like." Which means I can be found wearing just about anything, as I'm most interested in the Material Culture of the SCA period, specifically Accessories. In order to learn about the accessories, I also study Costuming and Calligraphy & Illumination.
  • http://armorial.calontir.org/Pages/EleDey.htm
    Per bend engrailed argent and azure, a dove volant and an escallop counterchanged
    Name & Device registered: October 1989

History in the SCA:

  • Timeline:
    • First saw a demo in the Haymarket, May of 1986. Joined campus group in Aug 1986
    • Found a husband (Gerald Goodwine) at an SCA event, and then spent a number of years less active while working on our joint, ground up projects. (Katherine Davenport, Bechte von Holtzburg, Deinol of Llananno, Sigurd Goodwineson, and Lorraine de Lanci.) Got back into active participation once they could all feed themselves.
    • Queen's Prize Competiton -
      • Lindesfarne Style Beatitudes - 2006,
      • Lampwork beads - attempting a variety of early period styles - 200?
      • Experiment on best method of coating lost wax models for bronze casting - 200?
    • Kingdom Tri-Levels
      • Bronze Casting - Anglo Saxon Belt Buckle - 2008
      • Leather needlecase, C & I, and Metalwork? -
      • Topping it off - a variety of Headgear - March 2014
    • Participated in the Quest for the Golden Seamstress - Interkingdom Team - Champions of the Advanced division - April 2014
    • Calontir Order of Precedence http://op.calontir.org/index.cgi/populace/943
    • Laurel Scroll text can be found here - http://thestillroombook.wordpress.com/2014/06/20/fun-with-scroll-text/

  • Groups and Affiliations:
    • Barony of the Lonely Tower - Dec 2012 to present
    • Wild lands around the Barony of Mag Mor - July 2008 to Dec 2012
    • Barony of Three Rivers - June 1993 - July 2008
    • Shire of Mag Mor - Aug 1986 - May 1993
    • Household of Scholars' Keep - the Mag Mor based campus group
    • Apprenticed to Master Alan Smythe of Darkdale at Kris Kinder, 2007

  • Offices:
    • Most of my service is in the pursuit & support of the various Arts & Sciences.

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