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Sir Erik de Tyr

aka Erik son of Tyr


History in the SCA:

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Other Information

Erik de Tyr's knighting scroll text:
The Circle of Warriors spoke
And Over King Anton and Cup Queen Isabeau,
Reaping praise on Erik, follower of Tyr
Son of the Heartland.

Jotun Hearted Huskarl
Freya favored
Frenzied in fray
Bjarndýrtǫnn (beartooth) wielder
Foam mouthed Berzerk when Konungr calls

Highest of Prowess
Teacher of Bloodspill
We name him Riddari, and with his oath
His Wound Giver shall be ours.

Skull Splitter with Axe,
Heart Seeker with Spear
Shieldwall Smasher when in command
Forever wyrd ready at warhorn’s wail

Well tattered byrnie
Earned in long service
As feeder of ravens
And leader of men.

The sagas tell of such men,
Fierce and noble.
Valhalla high seats wait
For men such as Erik de Tyr

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