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Herr Gotfrid von Schwaben

(13th C. Swabian [German])
[pronounced GOT-freed fon SHWA-ben]
(Registered as Gotfridus von Schwaben, the Latinized form Gotfridus would have been written down in the baptismal/birth records, but the individual would have been known commonly as Gotfrid.)


  • Gotfrid was born in the SW district within the city of Stutgarten from the Duchy of Swabia (today known as Stuttgart, Germany), and is an aspiring Minnesänger who makes a living as a herald for hire during his journeys. He enjoys brewing, woodworking, archery, and dabbles at illumination. (Stick figures are his forte.)
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Kumagaya Moritomo mon 01.jpg
Mon for Kumagaya Moritomo

Alternate Personas:
  • Guðvarr bjarnylr Móðólfsson - 9th C. Norse living in Jorvik
  • Kumagaya Yatarou Moritomo - Muromachi era [16th C.] Japanese potter living in the city of Imbe, Bizen province

History in the SCA:

  • Timeline:
    • I played off and on in the Society in 1983, mostly hanging around Steelholme, but joined in October 1997 with my son.
    • First event was Ransom of Leyland hosted by Dun Ard in Nov of 1997
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  • Groups and Affiliations:
    • Current Group: Barony of Forgotten Sea
    • Previous Groups:
      • Dun Ard
      • Isenfir, (Atlantia)
      • Shire of Vogelburg (Gleann Abhann)
      • Far Away Lands (Drachenwald)
      • Barony of Western Seas (Caid)
    • Guild/Household associations:
      • Calontir Potter's Guild
      • House Leatherwolf

  • Offices:
    • Shire of Dun Ard Chatelaine (Calontir, 1998)
    • Shire of Dun Ard Pursuivant (Calontir, 1999 - 2006)
    • Red Hawk Herald (external commenting) (Calontir, Late 2001 – 2005)
    • Shire of Isenfir Pursuivant (Atlantia, Late 2006 - 2007)
    • VA Regional Herald (Atlantia, 2007)
    • Saker Herald
      - (internal & external submissions) (Calontir, Aug 2010 – Feb 2012)
      - (external submissions) (Calontir, May 2017 – present)
    • OSCAR commenting herald
    • Additionally during time in foreign lands, I was able to do free lance consultation for clients in various Kingdoms of the Known World, including Calontir's commentary process.
    • I furthermore had the pleasure of working alongside numerous Senior Heralds at both Pennsic, Gulf Wars, and Estrella Herald's point.

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