Heraldshill is a shire of Calontir based in Mason City, Iowa. The group encompasses a nine-county area and includes the communities of Mason City, Osage, Forest City, Charles City, Clear Lake, Hampton, Corwith, Aredale and points in between.

Our neighboring groups in the Kingdom of Calontir are the Shire of Deodar, the Canton of Axed Root, and the Barony of Coeur d'Ennui.

Our neighbors in the Kingdom of Northshield are the Shires of Rivenwood Tower, Silfren Mere and Rokeclif, the Barony of Nordskogen, and the Colleges of Norleigh and Tor Aerie.


The Privy Council
Once upon a time, a woman lived in a maple grove in northern Calontir and searched for a cure for ennui. Another woman lived in the blackwood tors of northern Calontir and thought she was all alone. And yet another a woman lived in the musical meadows of northern Calontir and often traveled far to gather with other Calontiri.
One day the woman of the maples, having heard of the woman of the meadows, went South to search for her. She searched with great patience and persistence. And at long last, the woman of the meadows was found in the Privy, being great with child. And by chance, the lonely woman of the blackwood tor was also in that privy. And thus was the Privy Council formed. And the Privy Council determined to create a Shire. And it was so.

The shire was officially recognized at the Harvest event in the Shire of La Grande Tente in 1995 during Gilligan's reign. The first newsletter was published in January of 1996.
Originally, the Shire was called Heralds' Hill, and then Heralds Hill, and finally Heraldshill was approved and registered.

"Thrill on the Hill" was our first event as a shire, in the reign of Valens III and Susanna II.

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