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Pronunciation guide: sawn'-chuh less-strawnj'
Alternate/former names: Saerlaith l'Estrangere
Use names:
'You there, with the Hell's Snails!'
or 'Is there a way around this dress, or do I need an oxcart and a winch?'
or 'Hey, free food!' (I always answer to that one...)


  • 15th century Frenchwoman living lavishly beyond my means until my husband's inheritance runs out.
  • <;p (That's an emoticon of me in a steeple hennin - world's smallest selfie!)
  • I sew clothing and do embroidery, calligraphy and illumination, ceramics, metalsmithing and casting, and dumpster diving when I think nobody is watching. I play the recorder (poorly), dance (occasionally), and I am not to be trusted in the kitchen!
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History in the SCA:

  • Timeline:
    • First event: al-Barran Midwinter Feast, December A.S. 17
    • Granted arms by their Majesties Trelon & Trude of Atenveldt in A.S. 19, countersigned by Their Highnesses of the Outlands at Grand Outlandish 11.
    • Companion of the Order of the Scorpion, by their Excellencies Stefan & Beau Marishka at the Midwinter Feast, A.S. 21
    • Companion of the Order of the Argent Hart, by their Highnesses Aelfgar and Bronwyn at Grand Outlandish, A.S. 22
    • Companion of the Order of the Laurel, by their Majesties Christopher and Cymber of the Outlands, A.S. 23; medallion bestowed by Mistress Julia of the Forest, scroll by Master Hieronymus the Sarabite.
    • Outlands Champion of the Arts and Sciences, A.S. 24
    • Baroness's Order of Patronage, by her Excellency Gwendolyn of Three Rivers at Winter Court A.S. 52
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  • Groups and Affiliations:
    • Current Group: Barony of Three Rivers, Kingdom of Calontir
    • Previous Groups: Barony of al-Barran and Shire of Drygestan (Outlands); Barony of Fettburg and Province of the Silver Desert (West); Barony of Shattered Crystal (Midrealm)

  • Offices: (accuracy of all dates subject to dubious memory and the obscuring mists of history.)
    • Fretty Pursuivant, A.S. 19-22
    • White Stag Principality Herald, A.S. 24-26
    • Third White Stag Herald of the Outlands, and later, Rampart Herald
    • Vermine Herald in the Outlandish College of Arms <;p (ask, I dare you...)
    • Honorary Troll <;p (don't ask; you'll be glad you didn't)

  • Classes taught: Heraldic Display, The High Gothic Hat, Renaissance Majolica, Simple Clothing for the Sartorially Challenged, Medieval Inlaid Tile, Cutting Quills for Calligraphy.
  • and probably some other stuff...

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From Melanie de la Tour: I sent a wooden chest home with Sancha so that she could fix a broken hinge, and it came back with my arms painted on the front and both ends. Sancha has mad skills!

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