The Scribal Arts are both an art, obviously, but also an important service. They are the means by which scrolls are made to recognize achievements in our Kingdom.

Our Scribes are volunteers and the products of their art are given freely, often without compensation for time or materials.

The Scribal Arts/scroll-making community:

Writers (tag "writing"):

Calligraphers (tag "calligraphy"):

Illuminators (tag "illumination"):

If want to be able to see details of who does what styles, cultures and periods, can either
  1. list them here (see examples below)
  2. list them on separate "Writing", "Calligraphy" and "Illumination" pages
  3. list them here first, then split up later if needed for clarity

Writing Cultures/Periods:

Anglo-Saxon (tag "Anglo-Saxon writing"):

Middle English (tag "Middle English writing"):

Russian (tag "Russian writing"):

Calligraphy Hands:

Uncial (tag "uncial"):

Gothic (tag "gothic"):

Cyrillic (tag Cyrillic):

See also Writing, Calligraphy and Illumination.

Makers Marks:

Alternate Marking
Aline Swynbroke
small bat

Demetra Hanson
black swan

Konstantia Kaloethina
two Greek letter Kappas, back to back

Jibra'il `Attar
red shepherd's crook


Falcon Signet, the official Kingdom Scribe:

Scribal Guild Head:

Royal Scribe/s:

  • The current scroll wrangler/s on the Royal Retinue, the ones to contact to help with pre-prints and such.
  • Mistress Annika die Raucherin and Master Brian mac Tomáis ui Fhoghladha (as of July 2014).
  • Database of Scribes (Google Docs spreadsheet, maintained by HL Violet Sinclair) - not linked here because contains personal emails. The link is "pinned" on the Falcon Scribes FB group (see below).
  • Database of Scribes on the CalontirScribes Yahoo Group: (need to be Signed In as a member to view)
    • People interested in helping with pre-prints can contact the Royal Scribe as soon after Crown as the Heirs make their choice known, esp. for those who want to help create (not just paint) pre-prints before the new reign begins.

Backlog Scroll Coordinator:

Calontir Scribes Handbook:

Calontir Scribal Gallery:

Mailing Lists:

CalontirScribes Yahoo Group:
Falcon Scribes Facebook Group:
Scribal postings on the Falcon Banner:
Society Scribal Mailing List - Society Scribal mailing list

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