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Laurel Scroll

Now that this has been given out, photos of the Laurel scroll for Mistress Sorcha O'Riain.
Awarded June 14 at War of the Lilies, Calontir.

On the back of each watercolor panel is a piece of the original canvas Sorcha used for her marionette productions (it was painted by Sorcha to look like stones). The text is the scroll is written in lampblack ink made from lampblack from Ignus, the Dragon Kiln she erects and fires up on site at Lilies each year.
The Dragon heads in the illumination are modeled after photos of Ignus, added to elements found in 14-15th century Irish and English manuscripts, including the huge orange dragon. The portraits of Sorcha are modeled after pictures of her, her marionette from her first Queen's Prize Tournament, and her with her hand carved loom.
This was my first time working on canvas. I used real, not acrylic, gesso to prime the canvas- working on gesso was another first. It was also my first time using lampblack ink I'd made. Apologies for the glare in places-the UV archival protectant sealer was still wet, as the person delivering the scroll to site was in a hurry.
I have the text-will upload it to Files.
In joyful scribal service to Calontir,
Aidan Cocrinn, OL

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