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Mistress Winnifred d’Artois

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      • Elevated into the Order of the Laurel at Lilies War in 2017.
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Winnifred's Laureling Scroll Text

Ode for Winnifred

Hearken, Spearkin
to Halvgrimr's praise
for Winnifred of Francia
Cup-wif of No Beard’s Hall.

Once Hersirkona of Boredoms Hjart,
Gullinbursti's bane, Lilies-hattr.
Maker of swan-road stew, provider
of Thor's mint kissed mead.
I name her to the world as
The Húsfreyja suðhers Veröndi!

A praiseworthy gefn
is Winnifred the skillful:
a Mistress of the Arts,
Plow-master of Odin's furrows.
I hold her the highest
in sky-jewel reaping.

I call her Quill-Goddess,
Lady of Vellum,
Mistress of Pigment,
Dispenser of Others Joy.
I praise her here
for all of her artistry:
her lore, her knowledge
and her mastery.

Long-suffering over scrolls surface
is this ever toiling pride-smith:
a widely-sought artisan,
a saga-smith;
such a heroic spirit
as only skalds sing.

The Horse Lords
Ashir and Ashland
have honored her
here and everywhere
fairly and fittingly
with laurel wreath.

Thus they proclaim
with golden sword,
from ancient seats at Kurultai
Winnifred is in the Falcon’s life-well
now and forever!

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